Summer 2016 Goals

Summer is my favorite season without a doubt. I like it for the obvious reasons such as the long days, abundant sunshine, and seasonal foods, but I also like it for the feeling it gives me. Something about summer is just endlessly full of potential. Full of the potential to do anything. I think the … [Read more…]

Everyday “Whoa” Moments

We’ve all heard of déjà vu, the feeling of “I’ve been here before.” It’s an intriguing phenomenon, much studied by psychologists and much explored by artists. Today, I want to discuss a strange feeling I get at times. While not really the same as déjà vu, it’s strange enough that I think it ought to have … [Read more…]

Eating Ethically and Healthily

I’m currently reading Yuval Noah Harari’s ambitious and breathtaking book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. The book attempts to describe humanity’s ascent from being just one animal among many to being the so-called “masters of the earth.” Along the way, Harari covers everything from the beginnings of human culture to the rise of empires to the … [Read more…]

Daily Blogging Challenge Announcement

I’ve recently become enchanted with the YouTube videos of Casey Neistat. Seriously, this guy is killing it! He’s been posting daily uploads to YouTube for over a year now. And these aren’t just crappy, shoddily produced 3-minute videos, either. Each day’s upload is a short film, a masterfully told, beautifully depicted story. Casey credits much … [Read more…]

Creating Beautiful Work That Matters

I’ve been silent on this blog for a while now. Aside from a post I added detailing my editing services, I haven’t written any new content in several months. What’s more, I also removed all of my old posts. I haven’t deleted them or anything – they just don’t display on the site anymore. I did … [Read more…]

My 5 Step Process for Editing Written Content

Curious what it would be like to work with me as your editor? This SlideShare presentation outlines the process. Presentation template courtesy of Slides Carnival. Like what you see and are interested in working with me? Contact me and let’s talk!