Do It by Hand

In an age where “artisanal” and “hand-crafted” have become ubiquitous marketing buzzwords, it feels almost cliché to talk about the value of making things by hand. What does that even mean? And does an object or product really have more value because human hands made it instead of a machine? Furthermore, even if the making … [Read more…]

The Quiet Life

For a period of a few months I was very into the YouTube videos put out by The School of Life. If you’re not familiar with The School of Life, it’s meant to be a place to find modern day, sensible self-help advice. Not the sort of thing I would normally read, but Maria Popova … [Read more…]

Everyday “Whoa” Moments

We’ve all heard of déjà vu, the feeling of “I’ve been here before.” It’s an intriguing phenomenon, much studied by psychologists and much explored by artists. Today, I want to discuss a strange feeling I get at times. While not really the same as déjà vu, it’s strange enough that I think it ought to have … [Read more…]