Impossible List

This is my Impossible List. I first heard of the concept on Nerd Fitness, and another of my favorite bloggers also has one over on College Info Geek.

First created by Joel Runyon, the Impossible List is meant to expand the boundaries of what you think is possible for yourself. Unlike a bucket list, it is not a list of things that you might do “someday” if you have time, but rather an active, organic set of goals to work towards.

I keep this page here as a reminder to live boldly and always improve myself, as well as to inspire others to do the same. If a goal is in boldthat means I’m working on it right now.

Last 5 Goals Completed

  • Reach B2 fluency in Spanish (10/9/17)
  • Spend at least one month living in Medellín, Colombia (9/22/17)
  • Make $1500 per month online (7/31/17)
  • Set foot in Wisconsin (7/21/17)
  • Achieve B1 fluency in Spanish (4/31/17)

Health/Fitness Goals

  • Do 25 pull-ups in one set
  • Hold a handstand
  • Be able to swim half a mile (32 laps in 25 yard pool/16 laps in 50 m pool)
  • Deadlift my body weight (10/1/14 – 175 lbs)
    • Deadlift twice my body weight (350 lbs)
  • Squat my body weight (11/24/14 – 175 lbs)
    • Squat twice my body weight (350 lbs)
  • Bench press my body weight (175 lbs)
  • Overhead press my body weight (175 lbs)
  • Perform a barbell row with my body weight (175 lbs)
  • Run an 8-minute mile
  • Go indoor rock climbing (6/16/16 at Climb Nashville)

Professional/Financial Goals

  • Create a personal blog (April 2014)
  • Create a personal website (April 2014)
  • Write an e-book (Ten Steps to Exceptional Online Writing released 4/13/15)
    • Write an ebook that sells for a profit
  • Publish above e-book (4/13/15 on Grammar Is Sexy)
    • Publish an ebook on a platform besides my blog
  • Write a published, print book
  • Get a piece of my writing published (February 2012- an op/ed on religious diversity in the Tennessean)
  • Get a piece of my writing published at The College of Wooster
  • Get a piece of my writing published in a national publication
  • Create my own online business (Launched Grammar Is Sexy 1/1/15)
    • Get paid to edit an ebook  (July 2017)
  • Make $100 online (July 2014, via Ebay sales)
    • Make $100 online through my own business (5/1/15 via freelance writing)
    • Make $500 a month online through writing and editing (10/1/16)
    • Make $1000 per month online through writing and editing (11/1/16)
    • Make $1500 per month online through writing and editing (enough income to live well in over 300 cities around the world) (July 2017)
  • Create a profitable ecommerce store
    • Make my first sale
  • Pay off my $30,496 in student loans by January 10, 2019

Travel Goals

Everywhere I’ve been so far. 30/50 U.S. states, 10/196 countries (learn why the exact number of countries is complicated), 3/7 continents.

North America

  • Go on a solo camping trip by the end of summer 2015 (Completed August 2015)
  • Set foot in all 50 states (and The District of Columbia) by age 25
    • Set foot in all the states that touch TN/all states in the Southeast (Completed August 2015)
    • Set foot in all states in the Northeast
      • Delaware
      • Maryland
      • Maine
      • Rhode Island (Planned February 2018)
      • New Hampshire
      • Massachusetts
      • Connecticut
      • Vermont
      • New York
      • New Jersey
      • Pennsylvania
    • Set foot in all states in the Midwest
      • Ohio
      • Illinois
      • Indiana
      • Missouri
      • Michigan
      • Wisconsin
      • Iowa
      • Minnesota
    • Set foot in all states in the Southwest
      • Oklahoma
      • Texas
      • New Mexico
      • Arizona
      • Utah
      • Nevada (planned for 2018)

  • Set foot in Canada (7/25/16)
  • Set foot in Mexico (February 2011)

South America

  • Spend at least a month living in Medellín, Colombia (9/22/17)


  • Set foot in England (June 2007)
  • Set foot in Scotland (June 2007)
  • Set foot in Wales
  • Set foot in Northern Ireland (February 2016)
  • Set foot in Ireland (February 2016)
  • Backpack through Europe (3/31/16-4/8/16: visited Amsterdam, Vienna, and Barcelona)
  • Visit every country in the EU
  • Return to Ireland/NI for the 2018 Irish Caving Forum (Planned March 2018)
  • Road trip around Ireland (Planned April 2018)

Life Goals

  • Play on a recorded album (February 2012, at TN Midstate Orchestra)
  • Encounter/experience something of beauty every day (poem, artwork, essay, music, etc.)

Skill Goals

  • Aprender español
    • A2 fluency (achieved September 2016)
    • B1 fluency (achieved April 2017)
    • B2 fluency (achieved October 2017)
    • C1 Fluency
  • Learn to play the mandolin
  • Learn copywriting

Events to Attend

  • See Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Live (In Nashville circa 2004)
    • Now see them live when I’m old enough to appreciate them.
  • See Chick Corea Live (March 2013, with Bela Fleck @ Sewanee)
  • See Bela Fleck Live (March 2013, with Chick Corea @ Sewanee, and again November 2013, with Brooklyn Rider in Akron)
  • See Radiohead Live
  • See Jeff Coffin Live (April 2012- He came and did a demonstration at my high school!)
  • World Domination Summit 2018 (Unconference?)
  • See a show at the Village Vanguard
  • Txotxfest 2018

Adventure Goals

  • Go skydiving
  • Go paragliding
  • Go scuba diving
  • Go ice climbing
  • Go outdoor rock climbing
  • Go caving (Marble Arch Cave, 3/12/16)
    • Explore an SRT cave (6/5/16)
    • Swim in a cave (6/5/16)