I was in third grade the first time someone asked me who my favorite band was. It was on some sort of worksheet we had to fill out before class started. I’ve no idea what I wrote, but I remember struggling with the question. After all, what kind of question is that to ask a nine-year-old? How are you supposed to have enough musical experience to give a decent answer to a question like that? Even if you had asked me the same question in 8th grade, I doubt I could have given a meaningful answer.

Things got better once I entered high school. I discovered Radiohead, and for a good long while I didn’t listen to much else. I was never into Top 40 in high school, thinking that I was too cool for all of that (I’ve since learned to lighten up a little). My senior year of high school I discovered jazz, and from there I started listening to all kinds of things.

It wasn’t until this past semester, though, that I found the genre that I really love. That genre, it turns out, is indie rock.

Now, I had listened to indie rock in the past – Walk the Moon and Young the Giant have been favorites of mine for a while. But I had never recognized that they were part of a whole genre that I could enjoy. I had just figured they were isolated examples.

Turns out, though, that this is a wonderful genre. Thanks to people like Indie Current, I’ve found dozens of great new songs and bands to enjoy. Sure, this genre is kind of cheesy, kind of bourgeois, and definitely very white. But that’s who I am. So I’m not ashamed. I love indie rock.

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