Despite the variety of music suggestion services such as Pandora,, and even, to a lesser degree, Spotify, I still find most of my favorite bands either by chance or at the suggestion of people I know. Recognizing this, I thought I’d write a post sharing some of what I’ve been listening to this summer, in the hopes that anyone reading will come away with some new music to listen to.

Hope you enjoy!

Chillhop Essentials Summer 2016 – Various Artists

I became familiar with the genre of chillhop from watching Casey Neistat’s YouTube videos. Most of his uploads feature chillhop tunes as the soundtrack, so I was delighted to find this compilation on Spotify. As the title implies, chillhop blends hip hop beats and sensibilities with the electronic music genre of chill. The result is funky and laid back, perfect for a Sunday afternoon drive or a session of morning creativity.

Light Upon the Lake – Whitney

I found this album after perusing Indie Current’s “Best Albums of 2016 (So Far)” playlist. While I find Whitney’s music videos to be in rather poor taste (seriously, who throws cigarette butts into the woods and smoke bombs into a lake???), I love the sound of this album. Every track just seems to dreamily float along, taking the listener on a journey through misty towns and forests. The guitar work is especially excellent. On the whole, it’s the sort of thing you’d play during a late night drive or any time you find yourself questioning the direction of your life.

I Love You, Honeybear – Father John Misty

Finally had a listen to this album after hearing one of the tracks featured in Aziz Ansari’s Master of None series. The album as a whole is truly a modern work of art. The lyrics contain elements of the apocalyptic and the eschatological (the title track, especially), yet there are also moments of terrible beauty (the second track, for example). “Bored In The USA” is even reminiscent of the poetry of Allen Ginsberg (compare it with Ginsberg’s  “America”). Most of the track’s are infused with a tasteful amount of country twang, enough to make me proud of my Nashville roots but not so much that I want to cringe.

Phantom Pop – Wild Party

As the title implies, this is meant to be a light, fun party album. Yet if you listen closer, you’ll find that despite its light-hearted intent, this album still contains some lyrical depth (“Life’s Too Short,” for instance). Odds are, you’ve heard the track “Lo-Fi Children,” but the whole album is worth a listen. Makes a great start to a fun night – everything about it reminds me of the weekend.

Be Impressive – The Griswolds

I’ve actually been listening to this album since last summer (I played it on repeat during a road trip I took), but it remains one of my summer favorites. Maybe it’s the band’s Australian roots, but something about it just makes me want to hop in the car and drive toward the desert horizon. The tracks tend to be upbeat, although “Thread the Needle” touches a very nostalgic place for anyone born in the 1990’s.

What are you listening to this summer? I’d love for you to share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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