For a period of a few months I was very into the YouTube videos put out by The School of Life. If you’re not familiar with The School of Life, it’s meant to be a place to find modern day, sensible self-help advice. Not the sort of thing I would normally read, but Maria Popova of Brain Pickings recommended it, and I always take notice of her recommendations.

Anyway, they had one video that struck me in particular.┬áThe video is simply titled “In Praise of The Quiet Life.”

The video argues, quite convincingly, for the value of pursuing a quiet existence, one driven not by the acquisition of money, power, possessions, and esteem but rather by solitude, simplicity, and contentment. It’s an appealing notion, and I think it’s why I most enjoy the summers.

In summer, the quiet life seems easily attainable to me.

I sit here at home, write blog posts, send the occasional business email, and read whenever I like.

Sometimes I go rock climbing. Some days I take a walk.

Most days I go visit with my ninety-three-year-old grandma, whom I’m privileged to still have living next door.

I rise at seven. Or maybe I rise at nine.

In the mornings I drink tea. In the evenings I may drink a beer. At night I may even go out. Or stay in.

My life is simple, free of worry and rush.

I breathe in.

I breathe out.

I give thanks.

I am content.

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