Money, Optionality, and Freedom

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It’s funny how ideas seem to recur in the things I read. It’s probably just my mind making spurious connections, but the things I read often seem to be linked in some way. Probably from my curiosity about a certain idea leading me down the rabbit hole to another related one and so on.

What Exactly I Do All Day

Since I’ve been back home for the summer, I’ve had a lot of family members ask me what exactly I’m doing to make money. It’s a valid question. I’m not working a “traditional” summer job. Instead, I’m working for myself. When most people ask, I just say “freelance writing.” For those who want to know … [Read more…]

Discovering My Love of Indie Rock

I was in third grade the first time someone asked me who my favorite band was. It was on some sort of worksheet we had to fill out before class started. I’ve no idea what I wrote, but I remember struggling with the question. After all, what kind of question is that to ask a … [Read more…]

Do It by Hand

In an age where “artisanal” and “hand-crafted” have become ubiquitous marketing buzzwords, it feels almost cliché to talk about the value of making things by hand. What does that even mean? And does an object or product really have more value because human hands made it instead of a machine? Furthermore, even if the making … [Read more…]

A Few of My Favorite Internet Things

I’ve always loved reading articles in which writers list their favorite websites, tools, books, etc. It tells you a lot about a person when you see where they get their inspiration. The first post of this sort that I discovered was called “You’re Bored? That’s So AWESOME.” It’s basically a list of all the coolest things … [Read more…]

The Urgency Mindset

As I’ve taken on more and more freelance work, I’ve recognized a pattern in the way I complete projects big and small. When you submit a few new articles a week for publication, you begin to notice patterns like this. My work, I’ve realized, is characterized by a pattern of urgency. I only begin serious … [Read more…]

The Quiet Life

For a period of a few months I was very into the YouTube videos put out by The School of Life. If you’re not familiar with The School of Life, it’s meant to be a place to find modern day, sensible self-help advice. Not the sort of thing I would normally read, but Maria Popova … [Read more…]

What I’m Listening to This Summer

Despite the variety of music suggestion services such as Pandora,, and even, to a lesser degree, Spotify, I still find most of my favorite bands either by chance or at the suggestion of people I know. Recognizing this, I thought I’d write a post sharing some of what I’ve been listening to this summer, … [Read more…]