My clients come to me because they’d rather spend their time building their businesses than worrying about page copy, blog content, or typos. I tend to work with clients in the educational, personal development industries, and B2C industries, but I’m open to other areas as well.

Here’s what past clients had to say about my work:

Thomas-Frank-Portfolio-Page-HeadshotThomas Frank – Author and Creator, College Info Geek

Project: Writing monthly articles for the College Info Geek blog.

What Thomas had to say:

“Ransom knows how to format it. He knows how to do the research. He knows how to write it in an engaging way. I probably could just hire him to write all the articles forever from now on and the business would probably still perfectly run itself.”

Writing Sample: 7 Ways to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills (View all articles for College Info Geek here)

Zachary-Sexton-Headshot-Portfolio-PageZachary Sexton -Writer and Director of Consulting, Asian Efficiency

Project: Editing an email newsletter sent to a list of over 30,000 people.

What Zach had to say:

“Ransom knows his stuff. He’s got a command of the English language, he’s a professional, and he followed up with me even when it took me a while to write my piece. In total, he saved me probably 2 hours. It usually takes me 5-6 hours to write something of that length, so he cut my total time by 30-40%.

Ty-Yamaguchi-Portfolio-Page-HeadshotTy Yamaguchi – Web Developer, Heart Built Media

Project: Writing educational/promotional blog posts for Kauai Seascapes Nursery.

What Ty had to say:

“Ransom is reliable and does what he says he’s going to do. He is able to take research and turn it into an engaging, conversational narrative. I can trust that he’ll produce something is well researched and  interesting without having to give super specific directions.”

Writing Sample: Secrets to Keeping Your Soil Healthy This Spring

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